Indoor Localization that works

We provide the most advanced indoor localization technologies and applications.
Comprehensive solutions for your indoor needs.
Based on strong proprietary algorithms that leverage commercial hardware with advanced sensor fusion and the natural geomagnetic field we deliver the highest performances at the lowest infrastructure requirements

We developed a set of proprietary technologies that build the most advanced indoor localization and navigation technology platform, to locate people and objects inside any buildings – where the GPS is of no help – in any kind of environment and for any kind of value-added usage.

  • Indoor Localization

    highest performances in the market: more precision, reliability and resiliency than any other available solution.

  • Indoor Navigation

    world only indoor navigation directly on smartphone to replicate flawless turn-by-turn experience of outdoor GPS

  • Low Installation Cost

    working with smartphones sensors and geomagnetic field, it does not require large installations and maintenance

  • User Tracking

    to replicate websites cookies in the real world: our solutions is able to precisely track users indoor as well as outdoor

  • Behavior Analytics

    comprehensive big-data gathering and presentation tools on intuitive web-based app to extract intelligence

  • Off-line Flexibility

    working either cloud-based or totally off-line, leaves the maximum flexibility for architecture implementation

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GiPStech’s Core Technology

The GPS brought a revolution in outdoor localization. Never before it was as easy to answer the simple question “where am I?”. GPS has revolutionized forever how we experience the world around us, and how many businesses operates.

But… what about the indoors? There people spends 80% of their time, and GPS is of no help.

GiPStech has developed an outstanding set of technologies -encompassing a state-of-art inertial engine, geomagnetic fingerprinting, sensor fusion and radio frequency mapping- able to bring precision in indoor localization and navigation, reliably and without infrastructure installation need.

GiPStech is extending the revolution indoor.

About us

GiPStech is a spin-off company of Università della Calabria, with technology excellence at its core and high-tech R&D as its everyday practice. It is made of people: a set of professionals, researchers, developers, investors and partners that strive for excellence and market leadership, to provide customer and users with the most advanced indoor localization platform and solutions


6 years of development


Patents filed


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Press coverage

They are talking about us

  • Red Herring

    Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring
  • TechCrunch

    Mike Butcher
  • Consolato d'Italia a San Francisco

  • This year was rewarding, beyond all expectations. There are many great companies producing really innovative and amazing products in Europe. We had a very difficult time narrowing the pool and selecting the finalists. GiPStech shows great promise and therefore deserves to be among the Finalists.

  • GiPStech, A Radical Indoor Location Startup, Wins TechCrunch Italy Competition. Selected from more than 200 nominations by an advisory board of innovators, venture capitalists, journalists and well-known entrepreneurs of the digital landscape, there were eight finalists who pitched. But of course in the end there can be only one winner. And that was GiPStech. They also win a table at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe in Berlin

  • GiPStech brings a “compass” into the equation, allowing any smart device to determine its localization with a precision of 1 meter, enabling a number of functions today deemed impossible: from turn-by-turn “GPS-like” indoor navigation, to interaction of smart devices with the immediate environment, to proximity marketing and user behavior profiling.

Memberships and Programs

We are active part of some of the most interesting and innovative partnerships and programs in the indoor localization space.

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