Advanced Indoor localization and navigation technology

GiPStech technology is built around inexpensive consumer electronic hardware, to provide the most value out of devices that are widely available.
In the GiPStech’s Indoor localization and navigation technology we employs a wide range of sensor fusion technologies: inertial, geomagnetic, radio frequency algorithms to deliver the best possible experience in all settings and for all usecases.

Inertial Engine

We developed the industry leading device orientation free inertial engine. Based on sensor fusion of 9 axes commonly present in smartphones, it is able to accurately detect users steps and determine movement orientation independently from device orientation.

This incredible piece of technology is the epicenter of our innovation, and has been reviewed as the industry standard Pedestrian Dead Reckoning by leading technology players.

  • Tridimensional attitude determination
  • Step counting
  • Fake step detection
  • Distance measurement
  • 2D Trajectory recontruction
  • Independent from the phone orientation

Geomagnetic based Indoor localization and navigation technology

Coupling our powerful inertial engine with geomagnetic fingerprinting our algorithms are able to localize any user in any environment without infrastructure installation and with 1 meter average precision.

This is by far the most resilient, precise and inexpensive indoor localization algorithm today available in the market, delivering an experience at the same level (but far more precise) that GPS provides outdoor, without need of expensive infrastructure installation.

It also works offline requiring minimal computational power.

It can integrate any other available signal to deliver the maximum system resiliency under any circumstance. E.g.:

  • WiFI Signals

    with 1/3rd of the routers required by Wi-Fi-based solutions (amount already available in most settings), our algorithms are able to deliver real-time localization and track users at a much higher level of precision and confidence. Because 1 meter makes the difference indoor. We do not need to install custom routers, we can use the routers already installed in the environment without any modification.

  • Bluetooth Beacons

    installing 1/10th of the emitters required by beacon-based solutions, our algorithms are able to deliver much more accurate real-time localization and fluidity that is unattainable only with BLE

Augmented GPS

Coupling our inertial engine with GPS satellite signal our algorithms are able to enhance GPS positioning both for pedestrians and for vehicles. Urban canyon and plants will no longer negatively affect your localization.

Within known tracks we can achieve very high precision to deliver super-precise real-time positioning information.

For any smart device

not only for smartphones

Based on inexpensive hardware from consumer electronic our indoor services can easily fit into any smart device bringing localization intelligence to any hardware.
Here some examples…

Self scanning

Add users position to your set of data

Audio Guides

Provide context-relevant content

Activity monitors

Enrich your tracking and add precision

Mobile Equipment

Optimize your indoor operations

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