Indoor localization solutions for your indoor needs

Our technology is readily available to third party developers and integrators via SDK for all OS, to allow anyone to develop their own value-adding application in any field and use-case leveraging our powerful hybrid geomagnetic indoor localization technology.
We develop directly end-to-end products: For museums, airports, retail, industry 4.0 and more.
This page describe our indoor localization solutions ready to be used in real world applications.

Museum Indoor localization platform

Museums and exhibitions strive to provide services relevant to visitors and understand actual behavior, but don't want to install infrastructure and the focus to be on technology.

Asset2work: Industry 4.0 and Smart Maintenance

The new industry needs localization awareness for internal logistics optimization, maintenance monitoring, workers safety, man-machine collaboration and many other applications.

Airports Marketing and Operations

We provide low-infrastructure and high accuracy indoor localization services to airports, both for traveler-facing applications and for internal operations logistics.

Retail intelligence and analytics platform

Physical retail needs to know much more about in-shop customers behavior... we provide the most cost-effective solution for indoor tracking.

… And many more fields

Our indoor localization technology can be applied in many other fields. Read below for some ideas.

  • Healthcare

    Patients at risk patients and assets tracking
    With inexpensive bracelets we are able to closely monitor at risk patients, to provide information in advance on risky behavior, preventing costly accidents timely mobile equipment localization can save you lots of time and resources, we can track any equipment in your premises

  • Automotive

    Precise attitude estimation and behavior classification
    Our inertial engine is a powerful tool to estimate attitude and direction of movement of any object, particularly helpful for automotive “black box” relative orientation.
    For: accident dynamic reconstruction, crash analysis, driving behavior classification and high accuracy dead reckoning localization (e.g. in parking).

  • Smart Building

    Localize users to build intelligence
    We inexpensively and precisely localize users, to allow management of complex resources in tune with the actual need of actual building users

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