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It’s time to bring our technology inside Museums and Installations!

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Indoor localization inside Museums and Installations: Genius Indoor Assistant

Increasingly, users are expecting to be able to use GPS-like services inside buildings for their convenience, and businesses are keen on adopting indoor localization to allow a new level of location-aware interaction with customers. GiPStech aims to delivering the technology platform that enables this location-awareness, in a very precise fashion without installing infrastructure.

We developed a set of proprietary technologies that build the most advanced indoor localization and navigation technology platform, to locate people and objects inside any buildings – where the GPS is of no help – in any kind of environment and for any kind of value-added usage.

Together with CreatiFi we are bringing the indoor localization inside museums and installations. We are developing one specific application of our indoor technology called “Genius Indoor Assistant”, specifically designed to allow operators of creative environment to leverage this technology: a fully working prototype platform for indoor localization dedicated to creative expositions, from museums to galleries, from experiential installations to art installations.

Stay tuned!

Genius Application has received research funding from the European Union

redazioneIt’s time to bring our technology inside Museums and Installations!

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