About us

This page provides information about our team members, their relevant skills, past experiences and expertise, as well as general information on our company, our story and our process.
If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us at info@gipstech.com.

Our story

GiPStech has developed a proprietary indoor localization solution via smart integration of geomagnetic and inertial algorithms. It can reach extraordinary precision (on average 1m / 3ft) by employing, as guiding signal, anomalies in the geomagnetic field “naturally” present in any indoor setting: a signal that is free, stable and reliable.

Our technology platform is also comprised of established technologies such as Wi-Fi and i-Beacons, that contribute to the robustness of the solution with the aim of leveraging any RF signals we can find already in the environment. No installation is required.

  • Development of custom indoor solutions
  • Sensor fusion
  • Development of inertial engines
  • Human Activity monitoring
  • Map services
  • Proximity services
  • Mobile and table applications
  • Augmented reality applications

Why us?

The basic need that GiPStech fulfills is the lack of an efficient, inexpensive and reliable indoor positioning and navigation solution; a solution able to overcome the tradeoff between precision and cost of infrastructure setup and maintenance, imposed by technologies currently available in the market.

GiPStech technology is designed with attention to detail. Our intention was to create a powerful indoor localization and navigation platform that would be useful, usable and  effectively solve the current market need while maintaining an incredible user experience.

We integrated many different tecniques to obtain a precise and reliable indoor localization and navigation tecnology.

We have a strong growth strategy in place to accelerate our global reach. To facilitate this growth, we plan on opening a new office in Silicon Valley.

Our Skills

Our team is prepared for success: of our founding members three are senior PhD engineers with years of experience, and one has an MBA and prior experience with startups. Our team has expanded over the years to include talented and passionate developers, researchers as well as experienced advisors and investors.

Consulting / Industry
Embedded Development
Sensor fusion
Custom development

Our investors

The largest business Angel group in Italy.

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