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GiPStech presented at GEC and IAG Investor Day

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Italian Angels for Growth, is organizing its 2015 Investor Day to present a selection of portfolio companies to Italian and international VCs, angels and family offices.
The event will be held in Milan on Friday, March 20th from 10.30 am to 2.30 pm, following up on the Global Entrepreneurship Congress of March 16th-19th.

The presenting companies are entering the fund raising process for later rounds of investments; most of them are in a development phase looking for Series A round (2-5M $). Industries covered are: medical devices/diagnostics, life sciences, electronics/hardware, digital. Those startups have all an international outreach and ambition, some of them are located in Berlin or Silicon Valley and have an international team.

redazioneGiPStech presented at GEC and IAG Investor Day

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