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GiPStech won CreatiFI awards in Smart City Expo

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21 November, 2016. CreatiFI announced two awards during the Smart City Expo 2016 in Barcelona last week.
Italian company GiPStech won the award of the Most Creative Company. The award was given for a company with the most creative approach to the problem they are solving. They have developed a set of proprietary technologies that build a indoor localization and navigation technology platform, to locate people and objects inside any buildings – where the GPS is of no help. The selection was made by city representatives and one of the selection criteria was also the usability of the solution for smart and creative cities.

Original information here.

About Fiware Accelerator Program: The FIWARE Acceleration Programme promotes the take up of FIWARE technologies among solution integrators and application developers, with special focus on SMEs and start-ups. Linked to this Programme, the EU launched an ambitious campaign in September 2014 mobilizing up to 100M€, to support 1000 entrepreneurs, SMEs and startups to develop innovative applications based on FIWARE. This support intends to be continuous and sustainable in the future, engaging accelerators, venture capitalist and business angels who believe in FIWARE.

About Creatifi: CreatiFI introduces the FIWARE technologies to very large relevant communities of Creative Industries and web entrepreneurs. With a €4.8 million fund for SMEs, web entrepreneurs and ICT developers, it supports the development of new applications leveraging future internet technologies for the Creative Industries

admin1GiPStech won CreatiFI awards in Smart City Expo

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