Asset2Work: Industry 4.0 and Smart Maintenance

The new industry needs localization awareness for internal logistics optimization, maintenance monitoring, workers safety, man-machine collaboration and many other applications.

Solution capabilities

Asset2Work is our end-to-end platform for industry 4.0 maintenance monitoring and optimization. Based on low-cost smartphones and on geo-tagging, it allows management to track and optimize maintenance operations.
Operators open and manage maintenance tickets and checklists directly on inexpensive smartphone, tagging their actual presence on-site.
Management handles new tickets, priorities and analysis directly from an easy-to-use and cloud-based web interface.
ROI guaranteed by our current customers experience

  • For Airports

    The Asset2Work platform aims to track the performance of various activities of preventive and corrective maintenance and requires the application of passive RFID/NFC tags around the airport and on many systems and equipments (fan coils, fire extinguishers, elevators, sprinklers, boarding bridges, 400 Hz generators, etc.).<br /> Contractors and employees should read the tag with mobile devices at the beginning and at the end of each maintenance activity.<br /> For programmed maintenance the software verifies that each reading takes place in a defined time interval, so to respect the frequency of the activity itself. In this way the system automatically verifies the contractual SLA.<br /> With the same tag, other activities could be performed:<br /> – checklists compilation,<br /> – item characteristics,<br /> – technical documents availability, etc.<br /> For corrective maintenance the first reading of the tag allows to be sure that the activity has been started and to verify if this has happened in respect of the contractual intervention times.<br /> The second reading states the closure (or suspension) of the activity and allows Maintenance Control Center to be aware if the problem has been solved (or not).

  • For Industry

    Asset2Work suite consists of several application modules that accompany users in the classic inventory, monitoring, maintenance of industrial plants, using NFC smartphone and a robust back office cloud application<br /> The Asset2Work value is your expected reduction in maintenance costs as a result of implementing Asset2Work system.<br /> To obtain the Total Value of Asset2Work you have to consider some aspects of Asset management.<br /> Asset2Work is designed to reduce the time it takes employees to perform preventive maintenance by automating the creation of work orders. Work order management system can also help assign specific employees tasks at which they are most efficient.<br />

  • For Hospitals

    The Asset2Work value is your expected reduction in maintenance costs as a result of implementing Asset2Work system.<br /> To obtain the Total Value of Asset2Work you have to consider some aspects of Asset management:<br /> <b>1. Asset Life</b><br /> Maintaining assets with preventive maintenance (PM) is fundamental to extending their lifecycles.<br /> Asset2Work is designed to create and generate PM tasks, which makes it easier to follow PM guidelines from manufacturers.<br /> <b>2. Downtime</b><br /> In addition to extending the life of your equipment, appropriate PM scheduling also reduces total downtime. When emergency maintenance must be performed on an asset, that asset cannot perform its function until it is restored to working condition. Moreover, if an asset has not been properly maintained, it is likelier to breakdown more often.<br /> <b>3. Parts / Inventory</b><br /> Using Asset2Work’s parts inventory management features allows your organization to avoid being both under- and over-stocked.

  • For Facility Management

    Organizations with newly-implemented Asset2Work can experience first-year ROIs of anywhere from 25%-400%, but there are also less-tangible long-term benefits.<br /> Asset2Work can lead to reduced better customer experience (and less customer turnover), greater employee accountability, and the mitigation of risk.<br /> Asset2Work can help keep costs down while dramatically increasing the efficiency of your organization.<br />

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