Museum Indoor localization platform

Museums and exhibitions strive to provide services relevant to visitors as well as to understand their actual behavior, but often don’t want to install the infrastructure necessary to do so or have the focus of their customers shift to a piece of technology.

Solution capabilities

We provide an end-to-end platform solution to provide visitors with smart content directly on their smartphones, without adding infrastructure and complexity, retaining the ability to manage content and allowing meaningful analysis of user behavior.

  • Visitors Mobile App

    A simple app to install on the visitors’ own smartphone, able to provide them with self-localization in complex spaces, multi-media content related to nearby points of interest, turn-by-turn navigation experience.<br /> All working without connectivity, without hardware to rent out.

  • Museum Web Platform

    A user-friendly web interface allowing museum staff to manage content and maps, visualize heat-maps and other highly significant visitors’ behavior analytics, always remaining in charge of the user experience.<br /> Based on cloud computation, does not require installations.

Forget the hundreds of beacons and the high requirements for Wi-Fi connectivity, we have the solution that fits all your needs without requiring massive installation costs.

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